The Way (TW) coin is a utility coin for to be used in transactions of digital assets for vendors and customers.

This project is in pre-sale right now and runs on the Solana network. Details are at

The Fury w/LTI

Shatter the limits of performance with this next-generation snub fighter from Mirai featuring four halo-mounted size 2 laser repeaters, best-in-class maneuverability, and unprecedented integration of Xi’an tech. Unleashed all together, the Fury is a revelation in short-range space combat.

Starting USD 69.95+

The Banu Merchantman w/LTI

Banu traders are renowned for their merchant prowess, travelling the space lanes and trading with everyone from humans to the Vanduul! Their sturdy, dedicated trading ships are prized beyond all other transports, sometimes passing from generation to generation of Banu.

Starting USD 650

 The Pulse w/LTI

Experience a whole new class of grav-lev transport. Using bleeding-edge Xi’an grav-lev tech and traditional design principles
dating back millennia, the Pulse offers an unprecedented marriage of blinding top speed and ultra-precise handling.
In the heart of combat or the final heat of a race, the Pulse lets you set your own tempo.

Starting USD 49.93+

 The Cutter Rambler w/LTI

The pilot-favorite Cutter chassis outfitted for long hauls and extended engagements. Go ahead, take the scenic route.

Starting USD 69.95+

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