The buyer must use their RSI account email and pilot name. To accept the bought item you must be logged into the correct RSI account. BEWARE the item will be accepted into the account currently logged into. We can’t protect or refund buyers from incorrect account login. Please verify the information in the order notes to the seller.

The Seller must provide proof of the hangar log if an issue arises via screenshot when asked for.

When a buyer places an order, payment is transferred to Ship Hangar, which holds your funds in escrow.

For your convenience, you are instantly informed of your sale via email, so you can put your goods aside for delivery. 

Before you can deliver it, though, Ship Hangar verifies the payment and ensures that your money is safe and secure in our account. Only then will we provide you access to the delivery address, thus ensuring you cannot send merchandise by accident. Once you do, you can be sure that it is also safe as soon as you send the item!

Go to your account details’ ‘Orders’ page. Please note to ship sold merchandise within 24 hours!

A longer delivery time may prevent your order from being cancelled. Open the order and follow the instructions shown in the delivery menu. 

Once proof of delivery is uploaded, the buyer is instantly notified of the delivery.

The customer has 48 hours to report any issues. Should issues be stated, Ship Hangar will step in to mediate and help both the buyer and you as a seller to resolve the problem in the best way possible.

Once your delivery has been cleared, we credit payment to your wallet, from where you can cash it out to your PayPal account or another available payment provider.

We will request that you screenshot any proof of the item sent to the customer and save them in your records in case we request to see them.

If you don’t provide proof, then we may return the funds to the buyer.