Effective date: 1st November 2023

  1. Introduction

At Ship Hangar, we are committed to providing a secure and fair trading environment for our sellers. This policy outlines the measures we take to protect your sales and ensure the security of your transactions.

  1. Payment and Escrow Service

When a sale is made, the payment is first transferred to Ship Hangar. We hold these funds in escrow to safeguard the transaction. This ensures that your payment is secure before you dispatch the item.

  1. Notification and Verification

Upon the completion of a sale, you will be instantly notified via email and SMS. This efficient communication means you don’t need to constantly check your mailbox. Before you proceed with delivery, we verify the payment and confirm that your funds are secure. Only after this verification will you be provided with the delivery address, preventing premature shipment.

  1. Delivery Process

To proceed with shipping, visit your account’s ‘My Shipments’ section. Orders ready for safe delivery are highlighted. We ask that you ship the sold merchandise within 24 hours to avoid order cancellation. Follow the instructions provided in the delivery menu for a smooth process.

  1. Proof of Delivery and Dispute Resolution

After you upload proof of delivery, the buyer is immediately informed. The buyer has a 48-hour window to report any issues. In case of disputes, Ship Hangar steps in to mediate and help both parties reach a satisfactory resolution.

  1. Payment Clearance and Withdrawal

Once your delivery is confirmed and cleared, we credit the payment to your wallet. From there, you can easily transfer the funds to your PayPal account or choose another available payment provider for withdrawal.

  1. Conclusion

Ship Hangar is dedicated to ensuring that your selling experience is secure and profitable. We thank you for your trust in our platform and look forward to supporting your successful sales.