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Star Citizen Alpha 3.22.0 EPTU.8996133 Patch Notes Overview

Alpha Patch 3.22.0 makes its debut on the Evocati Public Test Universe (EPTU). Let’s break down the key highlights and changes in this latest release:

Patch Installation Tips:

Players are advised to delete their USER and Shader folders post-patching to ensure a smooth experience, especially if encountering graphical issues or loading crashes. Specific directory locations for these folders are provided.

Audience and Basics:

The update targets all backers, with a database reset and technical considerations for all server regions in the EPTU Channel. Long-term persistence and pledge copy are enabled, and players start with a generous 15,000,000 aUEC.

Testing Focus:

Dive into testing with a focus on Structural Salvage, Additional Derelict Settlements, Openable Cargo Containers in Inventory, Procedural FPS Recoil/FPS Weapon Balance, Player Hair Update, and Mineables Balance.

Known Issues:

Be aware of temporary PTU Ship and Vehicle aUEC Shop Prices, and several issues from headless character spawns to disappearing missiles and quantum travel mishaps.

Feature Updates:

Explore added Starmap records for Derelict Settlements, performance polish for these settlements, and an extended range for the Crusader Planet Comm Array to cover the entire planet.

Gameplay Changes:

Structural Salvage undergoes a VFX polish pass, addressing bugs and issues like multiple replaceme balls around new Derelict Settlements.

Bug Fixes:

A comprehensive list of bug fixes includes addressing AI responsiveness in underground facilities, player intoxication on Hurston, and issues with openable cargo containers.

Technical Fixes:

The technical backbone receives attention with fixes for both client and server crashes, contributing to a more stable gaming environment.


The Alpha Patch 3.22.0 brings a mix of exciting features, bug fixes, and technical improvements. Players are encouraged to explore, provide feedback, and be part of the ongoing evolution of Star Citizen.

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